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There is a post-it art show. How amazing is that? I would love to go if I was in the LA area – here’s more info if you are. I’m going to have to start taking post-its more seriously.

Here is more art from the show hosted by Giant Robot. Each original post-it is $25 at the show. Pretty cool! I could picturing putting one of these in a cute little frame.

andrea-kang | posted by cynla

Andrea Kang

stella-im-hultberg posted by cynla

stella im hultberg


The top post-it notes are by Andrea Kawasaki. She does beautiful erotic/unexpected paintings of women, usually on wood. I see her stuff all over the place and she’s one of my favorite inspiring artists. I went to her site and here is some handcut paper art she filed in “doodles.” I wish my doodles looked like this!

handcut21 - Andrea Kawasaki

I think the size of the paper you’re working on definitely affects the outcome. I might have to try sketching on some smaller pieces of paper. How inspiring!

Images from Supah cute and Andrea Kawasaki.

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