silencio photo by Cynla

Lettering Quest – Part two of Peru signs and lettering. I have a lot to post! There is beautiful hand drawn lettering all over Peru.

This Silencio is from Santa Catalina convent in Arequipa, Peru. This is the arch the nuns walk under to begin their vow of silence. I love the simple lettering and knowing the meaning of it kind of makes the lettering seem really powerful in an understated way.

perutypeManuela_Photo by Cynla

More lettering from the convent.

calle Burgos by Cynla

Again, love the shadows these metal signs make.


Peru signs and lettering, Halo Cuzco, Peru | Photo by Cynla

You know I love flourishes!


The only downside about these types of signs, was that sometimes you couldn’t read them with all the heavy shadows. But beauty is fleeting right?

Peru signs and lettering, Muse Cafe | Photo by Cynla

These metal bars make it look crossed out, but still cool. We ate here as well.. really good chicken curry.

Peru Signs and Lettering | Photo by cynla

Not sure if I love the “i,” but it works. Love the “CALLE” though.

This one is from Arequipa. If I knew how to make metal signs, I would make a ton of these.

Peru signs and lettering | Photo by Cynla


comite2 Photo by Cynla

I have started an attraction to rounded fonts. The numbers on this sign are really nice too.

marengo2 photo by cynla

Nice wooden sign, but even nicer blue detailing.

¬†That’s Part two of Peru! Hope you are as inspired as I am for pretty signage!


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  1. I love to see the variety of signage around town. Thanks for sharing.

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