Oh Calvin. You’re so determined and optimistic.¬† Sound familiar? It does to me!

I’d like to think that if I make a lot of great cards, and keep designing, the orders will just start pouring in. Marketing and business is the hard part for me – or maybe just the scary part. I’m hoping to just get “discovered.” Or I don’t put my cards out there because everything isn’t perfect yet, and I need this done, and this perfected, and this many designs.. so I wait. Against a tree. With whatever I’m doing to procrastinate that day. I read a ton of business books and blogs to “get ready” and then just add to a giant list of stuff to do.


So, inspired by this Calvin & Hobbes cartoon (and a bunch of other signs), I’m going to make more efforts to get out there. I’m going to start tackling that list of companies I want to pitch to. I’m going to start crossing things off the giant To Do list! Start doing and stop making more lists. Day by day. I’ll keep you updated.


Have you ever been scared of your To Do list so much that it prevents you from completing anything?

Calvin & Hobbes – great cartoon – is from gocomics.


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