Mini Garland by Cynla

Speaking of mini garlands (from my post yesterday), I made this one for our engagement photos. I drew the letters making sure there were loops to put a string through and painstakingly cut it out of cardboard. Then I cut out a bunch of shapes from origami paper and modge podged them on. I ran a sharpie around the edges because, if you can’t tell by my designs, I need black outlines around most things.


We carried it around the day of our engagement pictures and I told the photographer that I wanted a picture focused on our names with us in the background. We actually had to tie it to a tree for this one. Came out pretty good, right? I used it for our electronic save the dates, shown below, that linked to our wedding website.

Now that I’ve dug this up, I want to make more!

I’ll also be sharing my wedding invitations and all of the wedding goodies I designed soon. It’s been almost 2 years since my wedding, but better late than never!


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