LanternsLuckCynlaIt’s regents time here at schools and it’s also testing time for Japanese universities. The “National Center for University Admission” was held on January 14th and 15th in Japan and required for all school applicants. Around this time, a lot of lucky charms are being sold in Japan. The most popular are charms purchased from a shrine or temple.

However, Kit Kats are also popular because the Japanese pronounce it as “kitto katto.” It sounds like “kitto katsu” which means “You will surely win.” Parents often buy Kit Kats for their children on exam days. Isn’t that cute? I’m going to start buying kit kats for my exam-taking friends. Or maybe I should just produce a candy bar called Luck. Check out my lucky lantern design which coincidentally is the color of Kit Kats!

This information was taken from a blog post by Namiko Abe. You can find more about Japanese culture from her guide here.

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