Peru Signs and Lettering | Photo by cynla


I’m on a lettering quest – to get better at lettering for use in my own work, to appreciate the craft more when I see it (it’s harder than it looks to get a perfect letter), and to be inspired to keep creating.

I was in Peru last month and some of the signage is crazy amazing. They hand paint a lot of them and the ones I especially love are made of metal. They are fastened to the building with little metal posts and if you catch them at the right time of day, they make the most ridiculous shadows! The one of Cicciolina above is my favorite. I can’t even begin to understand the physics of this shadow at all at all.. I love how Restaurante gets all twisted at the end.


Here’s Part I of Peru signage. These ones are from Cuzco, such a beautiful city. Enjoy!

Peru Signs and Lettering | Photo by cynla

Another ridiculous shadow physics phenomenon.

Peru Signs and Lettering | Photo by cynla



Like this simple wire-inspired “font.”

sanJuan Photo by Cynla

Peru Signs and Lettering | Photo by cynla

This is where we stayed in Cuzco. You can see the steel posts from this angle.



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