sunshine by Cynla funaday project

Oh 2014. I feel like my whole January has been a big battle against the flu – first my husband, then I had it for a good week each. I’m happy to announce we are flu-free! and happily back to life and work.

In conclusion, I’m extra happy for health this year. I wasn’t able to leave the house, see people, do anything besides be miserable – and I already feel like I have to make up for it. I’ve added a new resolution to my list. I’d like to get outside everyday. I need to let my eyes focus on 3D things. Breathe fresh, healthy air, (even if it’s the kind of frigid air that freezes your nose hairs). I want to go for a walk with my thoughts.

I need to soak up as much sunshine as possible.

[ This drawing is part of my funaday series. I’m drawing 31 days in January. Unfortunately, the flu has won out here as well and I’m a little behind — but more to come! Look for an announcement of the group FunADay show in February in the Hudson Valley area. ]


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