Kill my fear with action : illustration by cynla

Well, kindness wasn’t really working.. so I’m killing my fear in 2014 with action. I’m drawing every day in January to start.

In this article from the Philadelphia weekly, a songwriter described how creating every day affected him:

“Mann says creating something every day means you have to give up your self-censoring mechanism. The embracing community of Fun–A–Day helped him accept that some days are going to suck, most are going to be okay and some are going to rock.”

My self-censoring mechanism has been very strong these days. Some days I spend hours on a pattern and still can’t get it right. The days I don’t make something “worth” my time, I feel distraught and untalented. It affects my whole day, makes me eat ice cream and kills my inspiration. So along with all of my other resolutions, I’m killing my fear, balancing any negativity with positive things in my life and making a resolution to let things go and keep moving.

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