Here’s a preview of a design I’m working on – that I formatted to be my facebook page’s cover photo – it will be more vertical on the card, but I do like this way too. I’m thinking of making long prints with sayings on them.. Relax, Breathe, Get Inspired, etc. Maybe I’ll have to add this to the mix. Do you have a spot in your home for long framed art? Or wood-backed? I’m still deciding how I’m going to execute all of these designs that I’m creating.



Also, my husband did this great flipbook project with his math class teaching them translations, tessalations, rotation.. all that fun geometry stuff. The flipbooks are so creative and it makes me want to animate some of my art. He’s going to post one a day. We videotaped the flipping – check them out on Robert T. LaColla’s blog or click on the photo above. This one is of a person flipping along what looks like some monkey bars. Very cool.



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