Cynla Bee Card

I spent a WHOLE day drawing yesterday. I think the last time I did that was January 2014 when I was attempting to draw 30 pieces (one a day) and had to draw a whole bunch of them in early February to catch up… Anyways, I feel like it was a mini vacation. I took breaks to eat, get more coffee, press continue on netflix or pandora, and even felt motivated to take a walk in the cold. I recommend a day of drawing and being creative to anyone.


Today, I have to catch up on lots – folding, sleeving and posting my Spring cards to my shop, getting together a new wholesale order!, preparing for my next catalog release in May, and going over my fair schedule for the year. It’s a busy day.

In case you haven’t visited my page lately, my retailer list is growing! It’s such an accomplishment for me and so exciting. See if there’s a shop near you, support a business that supports artists, and say hi to my cards!

Easy link: [ bee card ]

P.S. Do you follow me on instagram? It’s where I keep most up-to-date with new offerings and shots from works in progress.

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