Ruby's Room decorated with Cynla art!

My amazingly supportive friends have a lot of cynla art decorating their baby’s room! It looks beautiful the way they chose to display everything. They have each of my Starry and Cloudy cards in frames mounted on found plexiglass – such a good idea!

They also framed my Once Upon a Time and Land of Make Believe Storybook Prints I gave them as a baby gift. I really love how these look in the white frames.

This room gets nice light and there’s always soft music or a white noise machine playing.. I could (did) fall asleep in here it’s so cozy and soothing.

Once upon a time Print by Cynla.

Land of Make Believe Print by Cynla.

Starry and Cloudy cards framed - Cards by Cynla

Once upon a time Print by Cynla.

This last pic is not where they keep the print, but I couldn’t resist putting it next to this squishy bunny.


And here’s a quick pic of Ruby herself! ADORABLE little girl. I feel like the art you have on the walls in a child’s room is very memorable to them as they grow up – it was to me anyways. I hope she likes these dreamy animals and storybook prints!

Thank you to Leah & Brian for letting me share these photos!

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