Fill in the blank Monday. My favorite way to procrastinate is __________.

I’ve been putting off getting my card catalog together – it means that I will have to start pitching to stores and sales reps and it will be a huge step into the “this is real.” So, my new way to procrastinate has been — if you’re not doing your catalog, at least keep making designs.  While I have been really slow in the catalog department, at least my card designs have been increasing! I know it’s kind of the “passive aggressive” way of approaching this task but I’m still being productive while inching toward my end goal, right?

That being said – I’m creating a deadline for the end of February to get a catalog together. In the meantime, here are some of my Starry-Eyed Animals that I spent the weekend doing instead of catalog-ing. They have big dreams that they see in the stars. I can see my beautiful catalog in the stars.. it’s just not here yet. Happy Procrastinating! You have the whole week to get stuff done : )




 I’d also like to add that my creative husband painted these watercolor backgrounds for me – even though it’s not a vector art background (my usual style), I think it still looks like my brand and adds some depth to these designs. What do you think?


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One Response to Productive Procrastinating?

  1. Kyle says:

    I LOVE these new ones! I think they’re beautiful and creative and I didn’t realize the background wasn’t you until you said it because the cards still look so much like you!

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