Just wanted to share the stamps I’ve designed for my mailings.

Please Do Not Bend Elephant is the newest one. Not to mention any names, but I would see people at the post office(s) bending my envelopes to see if they were bendable. The cards I mail out are technically “bendable,” but I would rather not have people test this out on the products I am mailing, right? I decided to take some measures and designed this stamp. An elephant was the sturdiest, unbendable animal I could think of.


And here’s an example of how I package my etsy orders. Packaged with care. I try to include two business cards — share one with a friend! — and for a limited time, orders will include a Bunny Haven pattern bookmark! There is space on the back to write notes – you know, to write down those tough words that you need to look up later. [Do people still do that now that smart phones are so available? I’m going to start again, now that I have a huge supply of bookmarks handy].

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