This pattern started with a flower and then bloomed into a bunch of different “flowers.” I have also just moved to Beacon, so we’re calling this one Beacon Bloom.

I’ve been creating lots of patterns lately and since most of them won’t appear as cards, I’ve decided to share them here. In the future, I’d like to license my designs to companies to put on their products.

I’m in awe of all the pattern designers out there and I’d like to share some of my favorites in the next couple posts.bagBeaconBloomCynla

I can picture Beacon Bloom on a clutch bag – wouldn’t this be cute? My husband said it would make good giftwrap. I loved patterned goods and I can’t wait to get my designs on some products! There will also be a new Cynla Licensing web page coming soon. I know you just can’t wait, right?

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One Response to Pattern Design:: Beacon Bloom

  1. Kyle says:

    I love this on a clutch! Also love the idea of gift wrap…or dishes…

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