BD30 Coffeepot - by Cindy LaColla of Cynla

The 4th card in my series of Classic Kitchen appliances. I’ve had this coffeepot for years. It started leaking (just a little and only sometimes) so it had a plate under it for the last couple months. My mother-in-law just bought me a fancy, wonderful coffee maker that has the coffee magically inside and I can put my cup under and get some when I’m ready. I love it. However, I can’t help but miss my little mess-maker of a pot. It had it’s way of clicking to let me know that the coffee was still hot…

Anyways, hope you like the card. Nothing like a good cup of coffee to get your birthday started.

This card will be debuting at the National Stationery Show in May. If you’re a wholesale buyer or shop owner, please contact me for more details and ordering information. You may also view my NSS preview gallery. Hope to see you at the National Stationery Show, Booth #2154!

BD30 Coffeepot Card by Cynla


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