Clouds : Dream card by Cynla

Fill in the blanks Monday. We all have the “exercise more,” “learn something new,” “save money” resolutions.. but what about feeding the creative part of your brain this year?

It can be anything from drawing your to do list, to decorating that blank wall in your home, to starting a creative blog (like this one!). Big or small, I’d like to hear about it. Please share in the comments. Seeing the creativity of others is so inspiring to me and makes me want to fit drawing and crafting into every day. Starting a business involves a lot of not-so creative activities, so hopefully I’ll find the time to focus on being creative this year.

My Answer:¬† to keep a journal with no lines that I can draw in. I have been slacking on writing in a journal for the past couple years. The only writing I do is in email form. This year I want to draw and write my ideas and thoughts down as much as possible. I’d like to remember more than I do (with my awful memory) and capture everything in ink. It will also help me stay creative and get me off the computer a little.

What do you think of my cloudy dream design? It’s going to be on a card, but I’m thinking of also making prints. Happy Monday!

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