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I was in Kinokuniya (pronounced key-no-ku-knee-ah) yesterday. It is FILLED to the brim with inspiration and cute things. The stationery section is amazing, the book selection is very artsy including a huge 3rd floor filled with photography, graphic design, manga, artsy books, etc. I could spend hours there. It’s located in NYC along the edge of Bryant Park – 41st Street and 6th Avenue. Go there and be amazed.

teNeues Greennotes Packaging | Posted by Cynla

teNeues Kate Larsen Box of Cats - posted by Cynla

I also discovered teNeues‘s new gift-wrapped GreenNotes packaging in the gift section. It is so adorable and is my dream packaging. I’ve been on a neverending hunt on how to produce eco-friendly packaging for my cards that is recycled and affordable where I don’t have to order 10,000 pieces initially. TeNeues’s packaging has a cute little tie, a tag which tells you what’s in it and a space to write who it’s for, and is already gift-wrapped. So smart.

teNeues has an amazing collection of stationery, calendars and books. Good site to pickup some gifts.

teNeues Jessica Swift cards | posted by cynla

I had first heard about teNeues on Jessica Swift’s blog. She’s one of my design idols and she licensed this design to create this box of cards above. So cute! I’ll write more about her later.

I’m not sure if these pictures do the packages justice. You’ll have to see them for yourself.

I’ll leave you with a catalog image from Kinokuniya, the paintings in the store, Star wars tengui towels. They made Star Wars pretty! ::

catalog pic from Kunokuniya / posted by cynla


star wars towels tengui

Kinokuniya photo found on pinterest.

Kinokuniya catalog image

Star wars tengui seen here.

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  1. kim says:

    Love this store..I don’t go there enough! Who couldn’t use a little more sweet cuteness in their life?

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