Clover to Butterfly Handmade Card by Cynla

It happened like this..

My mom went to meet a friend for lunch. They sat down (after buying some Quickdraw lottery tickets), and a dragonfly “parked on my opai.” (Which might be the Japanese word for chest or her own word – she makes words up.) Anyways, her friend Jerry told her not to chase it away – it’s good luck.

The dragonfly was hanging there for 15-20 minutes. My mom finished her meal, and her game came up. “I bet 6 numbers.. right, and they all came out and then I got 3x [the winnings]. I never play 6 numbers, I only play 5 numbers.” All of her 6 numbers came out.. the dragonfly flew off and she won over $3,000.

Morals of the story – keep an open mind and be nice to bugs. Maybe buy 6 numbers instead of 5 sometimes.

* For her birthday after this happened, I made my mom a lucky clover turning to dragonfly card – they’re similar in basic shape and I love seeing nature repeat itself. In this case, the luck aspect of clovers and dragonflies was also repeated. The pieces were handcut from origami paper.

Clover to Butterfly Card Inside by Cynla

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