Here are some gobbling turkeys we ran across in Peru:: TurkeyGobble. A week before Thanksgiving, so I’ll just pretend these turkeys have happy homes now.

Enjoy! If the preview doesn’t work, here’s the link.

It doesn’t really sound like “gobble gobble” to me. Here’s a list I found of what other countries think it sounds like:

Afrikaans: Kalkoen kloek.
Albanian: krrull krrull
Danish: Kalkunen klukker.
English: gobble gobble
Esperanto: glu-glu-glu
French: glouglou
Hebrew: Tarnegoley hodu mekarkerim.
Montenegrin: glu-glu
Portuguese (Portugal): glugluglugluglu
Turkish: glu glu
Ukrainian: glyu-glyu

In Japanese, it’s goro-goro.. which also means lazy and lying around. Perfect for Thanksgiving! Happy Turkey day!

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