What would you take care of if you had a whole week to catch up on life?

I’m taking a vacation in Utah with my husband and he’ll be on a math retreat (yes, doing math problems) for most of the time during the week. I’m so excited to have a whole week to figure out what to do with myself – this is rare. If I’m on vacation, I’m usually planning activities and trying to see everything – this time, I’m going to catch up on business to do’s, relax, do some yoga, draw until the sun sets..

Here’s a short to do list I have when I have no plans: (that might be a contradiction)

1. Catch up on Cynla business – this is actually a longer sublist I won’t bore you with..
2. Go through my huge inbox of emails that stresses me out everyday
3. Draw once a day at least (maybe I’ll post them)
4. Do some hand-lettering: I’m taking a hand-lettering and typography class with Bonnie Clas.
5. Yoga in a crater/hot spring
6. Get a mani/pedi
7. Maybe take a hot air balloon honeymoon adventure
8. Stroll down main street in Park City and visit shops
9. Read
10. Sit outside as much as possible

This sounds amazing right now, and I get to live it next week : ) Super excited.


I recently read a post about the perfect morning at my friend Dorkys’s blog Dry as Toast titled, “What successful people do in the morning.” One of the points was, “Picture your perfect morning,” and I had to share this.


My typical morning is sleeping until the last possible minute then running around like a maniac. I just never thought of devoting time to actually picturing my perfect morning and making it happen. After I wake up, my brain power is usually spent worrying about what I have to do that day and trying to see what I can squish in.


Many people always complain about not having enough time and hours in the day — but if you want that perfect morning, or if you want to spend time drawing each day – find the time. Stop checking email non-stop (Cindy) and instead all of those minutes will magically add up. Get up 10 minutes earlier and enjoy your coffee on the deck. Take 5 minutes of your lunch break to walk around the block. Too much of my life is spent trying to catch up with myself instead of enjoying and appreciating things.


What would you do if you had the time? (And then make the time.)


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