I Love a Good Quitter by Cynla

I’m a little anxious.. since I moved out of the city, I’ve lost access to my beloved Tekserve. So my computer is commuting to the city for (hopefully only) 2 days for an upgrade and checkup.

I will have internet access, but unfortunately, no design tools! Oh the horror. So now is the time to actually test my wireless capability.

I’m going to pack some cards of course, start this book that has been sitting on my shelf (the new Amy Tan one, it might be old by now), go for a walk, finish drawing the new patterns I’ve been cooking up, look up a yoga class that I’ve been meaning to get to, and enjoy a computerless brain for a couple days. Can she do it?!


All jokes aside, it’s ironic that my paperful, tangible job of a greeting card manufacturer is so tied to a computer screen. Not to complain about my dream job, but my hand constantly aches, I dim my computer when I’m not retouching to go easy on my eyes that now I need glasses for, and I am sitting in one spot for hours at a time. These wireless days have been helping, but it’s time for me to build more wireless time into my days. Instead of being anxious, I should be relieved.. how do you limit your tech time?

[ new: I love a good quitter. Will be in my shop as soon as I get my computer back ]

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