Snorkeling is my new favorite hobby. It was amazing in Culebra, Puerto Rico — we saw every fish in the guidebook, tons of beautiful coral, a couple nurse sharks, sting rays, octopus, and we were very lucky to see tons of turtles. It must be nesting season because they were gathered around this one beach eating all the turtle grass. They are so graceful when they swim, I could’ve watched them for hours.

I have so many ideas for cards I’m overwhelmed — so for now, here are some pics to inspire you. My friend Brian (thanks for the pictures Brian!) has an amazing underwater camera case for his camera and took these beautiful pictures. I didn’t even have to retouch anything. Enjoy!


Giant sea fan. It sways in the waves.


Eating some turtle grass. I think these are green turtles. We also saw a hawksbill one.



Swimming like a turtle.


It amazes me how crazy nature is and how the same patterns are found everywhere. This is brain coral.



A school of blue tangs – the kind Dory is in Finding Nemo.


A tiny octopus hanging out in the sand.


My new favorite fish – this is a Smooth Trunkfish. He has the best patterns and has a weird shape – kind of like a fist. Hope you enjoyed a little piece of Culebra! If you know of any jobs where I can snorkel all day, let me know.

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