Oh vacation. I already miss you.. I spent the last week snorkeling 1-2 times a day, seeing all the beaches on the island, and chasing sunsets – literally. There was one day where we had to run to the beach to catch it. [The jeep behind us that didn’t run missed it]. What a tough life. Culebra is absolutely beautiful, especially if you love snorkeling. We swam with the turtles, saw all kinds of coral and sea creatures including colorful fish, nurse sharks, manta rays, octopus, and tons more. There will be a ton of sea creature cards coming soon!


I feel like all the stress has been drained out of me. I made 2 card designs I’m really happy with yesterday and it was so EASY all of a sudden to be creative. Imagine that. For now, enjoy this sunset and the image below. My husband took this one and if I wasn’t there, I would think it was photoshopped – It’s the reflection of the beach in the back window of our rented Jeep. Love it.


That’s all I have today as I’m catching up on work and life. More amazing snorkeling pics (and cards) soon.


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