Here’s the cat card card as promised. I love what happened when I flipped it. When I was tracing it, I tried to flip it and make the pieces fall into place on the other side so nothing would overlap and look odd.

I’m not sure I’m completely happy with the coloring. I had a comment that I should make the colors more bold. I’ll see how that goes.


The cats in the middle weren’t in the sketch, but I wanted them to interlock tails. Our cats do this, but it’s more like they’re flipped around and attacking each other’s tails. Maybe one day when they grow up, they’ll just friendly interlock, right?


Speaking of kittens, we’re getting our cats spayed & neutered in 2 weeks. I’m really nervous about it and am afraid they’re going to hate me. Some people said they’ll be different kittens. Let’s hope they’ll like to be pet and held after this. If I draw more happy cat cards, maybe they’ll get the message. [I promise every post from here on out will not be about my cats! But I’m sure they’ll make it into a couple.]


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