This is a card I made for a friend’s dental practice. I never thought I’d be making dental cards, but it was a lot of fun to make!

Front: Wishing you a SWEET holiday season
(but don’t forget to floss for goodness sake)

I do have a huge sweet tooth, so this is a good message for me to probably keep on my desk all year round.. which makes me think about pretty dental quotes/prints that you might hang up in your bathroom – or regular reminder cards around your house or office.

Are there any quotes you wish you had in a nice little frame that gave you a friendly reminder? I would like to make the following:
– Relax
– Don’t worry
– Enjoy your day
– Wear your glasses (I just got glasses)
– It’ll take however long it takes
– Breathe

Want to see any other don’t stress sayings? If your idea gets picked, you’ll get a free print or card when the design comes out. You can share in the comments or email me. Thanks!



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