There Will Be Dancing -- Hand lettering by Cynla ©cynla

When I lived in the city, I think I took advantage of the fact that I could go to the nearest club for a measly $20 cover and a $15 drink and dance the night away! I miss those days. My wallet is a little fatter though..  My friends knew that if they told me “There will be dancing,” I was usually convinced to go out. I’ll have to plan a night out soon.. going to have to save my pennies.


Here is one of the letterings I did on my productive Wireless Wednesday yesterday. I’m particularly happy with the Fancy D. D’s are one of my weak letters. They usually look the same as when I wrote them in 2nd grade, but I’m kinda happy with the flourish on this guy. There Will Be Dancing will hopefully make it into my next round of prints. Hope you like it!

A fancy D - cynla



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