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I’m participating in Fun-A-Day Hudson Valley. You pick a project, do it every day in January, then show your work in a big group show. Like their facebook page here.. they need lots of likes!

I have been meaning to do “100 drawings” of something, or 100 blog posts about another something.. but as you can see, these things just don’t happen on their own. Hopefully this project can give me some focus and I can commit to a month of creating – what a great way to start the year!

Join me in starting the year off in making beautiful things and committing to having fun making for 31 days! You can take a photos, make cakes, work on a project for 31 days..

I’m torn between making it very easy for myself to make sure I commit (I do have to run a business in the meantime), or challenging myself and coming up with art that really blows my own mind away. I wanted to get more comfortable with watercolors.. I wanted to do something with all of these photos I’ve been taking.. I want to do more lettering.. but maybe I’ll start small this year and just commit to drawing.

If you’re participating, let me know! I’d love to connect with someone and share the process.. especially if you’re making cakes.

easy links:
[ fun a day hudson valley info / cool photos from a past show / focus print ]

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