Dreaming Animals

I always wonder what animals are dreaming about, and this time I think I know..

We were in Panama in our hostel, relaxing outside and drawing in hammocks, when the hostel’s cat comes over with a bird in her mouth. The bird is still alive and flapping and the cat is trying to decide how to handle the situation. She goes under the table, under the bench, by the sidewalk.. feathers were flying and eventually I couldn’t watch anymore. [Stay with me, there are no photos of this : ) ]

My husband stays.. and as I’m turning the corner, he’s telling the cat that under the bench was probably the best idea because then the bird can’t fly away.


I come back and Rob says, “You missed it!” Apparently the bird had eventually played dead and the cat stopped pawing it for one second and it flew away. The cat was meowing at the sky and looking for the bird, begging it to come back. I love this picture below because the cat’s staring at the trees but it ironically looks like the bird on the wall is playing hard-to-get. Or lecturing the cat.


This is one instance where we know what this cat is dreaming about. Probably saying to herself, “I should’ve stuck with my first plan and went under the bench.” You almost feel sorry for the cat, but I felt more sorry for the bird. Look at this sad, dreamy cat! She’s definitely making it into one of my cards.


Here she is 5 minutes later, exhausted from bird-chasing. Oh, the life.


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